Current version modified: 15 December 2020
Previously modified: 7 May 2008® services are billed on an hourly basis and are billed once per month during the first week. Software & equipment purchased from® is billed at delivery date. All invoices are payable based on your account's current established terms (see Terms & Conditions below).  

On-site Service

1. Due to the unique nature of each of our customers, please contact us for rates for your situation.  Established customers will be notified prior to any rate change.  All customers are billed for mileage at current rates as published by the IRS.
2. Installation for equipment and/or software not purchased from or recommended by® will be billed at the applicable hourly rate plus $60.00/hour if the service requires one person or $80/hour if it requires two. Terabyte Computers, Inc. reserves the right to refuse to install and/or support products not not purchased from or recommended by us if we feel the product(s) do not meet our standards.  If a customer insists on having us install and/or support the product, a signed waiver will be required that states that the customer understands our view of the product.
3. Service is billed in ¼ hour intervals with a 30 minute minimum.
4. Service hours will be billed on one invoice during the 1st week of each month for the preceding calendar month.

Direct Phone/Remote Support

1. Direct phone/remote support is available at the same rate as On-Site Service, except, of course, no mileage charges.
2. Direct phone/remote support service is billed monthly and is included in your normal service bill.

Text Messaging Service

Our customers are encouraged to contact us by text message if you require immediate support.
2. As always, we will try our best to return your text message as soon as possible.  
3. Text Messaging service is billed monthly and is included in your normal service bill.

Return Calls

1. If we are unavailable when you call, please leave a message, including your name, phone number (with extension if applicable), a brief description of the problem you are experiencing, and the best time to return your call. We will return your call ASAP. We will make every effort to return your call the same business day; however, on some occasions, it may be the next day.
2. Return call service is billed monthly and is included in your normal service bill.

E-Mail & World Wide Web support

1. You may also make support requests via e-mail
2. E-mail support is billed at our current direct phone support rate. Fees are charged based on the time it takes us to reply to your request. E-mail support service is billed monthly and is included in your normal service bill.

Terms & Conditions

Clients agree to current rates as well as all Terms & Conditions listed below.
2. All invoices, unless other arrangements are made in advance, are due upon receipt. Established customers may go on NET 15 or NET 30 terms. NET terms longer that NET 30 are not available.
3. A deposit may be required on certain products purchased from® or its parent company.® follows the return policies of each vendor. Returns are at the discretion of the manufacturer and Terabyte only accepts returns that are supported by manufacturer policy.  Generally, non-defective products may only be returned within 15 days of purchase only if all original packaging, documentation, and support materials are returned and the product is in a resellable condition. Please contact us if you need to determine the specific return policies for a particular vendor. A 15% restocking fee will be charged on all non-defective returns. Special order items are not returnable unless defective and then only for credit or replacement of the defective item(s). No returns will be accepted after 15 days.
4. Invoices past due will be charged 1.0% interest per month (12% APR) from the invoice date, unless other arrangements have been made to pay the balance. Interest rates are subject to change. Any change in interest rates will be posted here at least 7 days prior to implementation.
5. Any check returned for any reason will be assessed the maximum fee allowed under then current North Carolina law along with applicable interest if the amount is past due. If more than one (1) check is returned as NSF in any 12 month period, an account will immediately be placed on a strictly COD basis. Should it become necessary to take legal action to collect amounts owed by an NSF check, the check will be turned over to the Watauga County North Carolina District Attorney’s Office for criminal prosecution under applicable State and Federal check fraud statutes.
6. Accounts past due 30 days will be placed on hold until the entire balance is paid unless other arrangements have been made to pay the balance.  If an account is placed on hold and® provides e-mail/web hosting services for the customer, those services will be placed on hold until the account is paid in full.
7. Legal action may be taken against accounts past due 45 days or more unless other arrangements have been made to pay the balance.
8. If your account becomes past due and we are forced to place it on hold or take legal action to collect a past due balance, NO service, support, or sales will be available until the account is paid in full. Once a suspended account is paid in full, for a 6 month period following the full payment of the suspended account, all service, support, or purchases will be strictly on a COD basis only. Should it become necessary to suspend an account for a 2nd time, all necessary measures required to collect the entire balance will be taken and the account will not be reactivated. This means that after the 2nd suspension, we will no longer do business with that customer.
9. Any costs, including, but not limited to court fees, attorney's fees, and/or collection fees, incurred by® or Terabyte Computers, Inc. to collect a past due amount will also be charged to the account as allowed by North Carolina law.
10.® and Terabyte Computers, Inc., their owners, officers, employees, and/or investors are not responsible for claims, written or otherwise, made by a vendor as to usability for any given task nor are we responsible for the stability or compatibility of a product in any given environment. If such a conflict arises, we will help in any way we can to resolve the problem between the vendor and our client, but® and Terabyte Computers, Inc., their owners, officers, employees, and/or investors are in no way responsible for damages or loses caused by such instabilities or incompatibilities.
11.® and Terabyte Computers, Inc., their owners, officers, employees, and/or investors are not responsible for identifying, considering, or correcting any Year 2000 deficiency or issues in any of your systems, or systems with which you interface, or programs/systems delivered by us.
12. All warranties are through the manufacturer and under terms set forth by that manufacturer.®, Terabyte Computers, Inc., its owners, officers, employees, and/or investors neither offer nor imply any other warranties on any product manufactured or produced by another party.
13. If a client chooses to use a ßeta or an otherwise unreleased product, support for that product is available only through the vendor providing the ßeta product. Be sure to read all ßeta documentation and agree to the terms of the ßeta test prior to installation or use of such a product as any damages are the sole responsibility of the user, not® or Terabyte Computers, Inc.. Support for ßeta products is billed at normal rates.
14. If a client chooses to use the Internet, e-mail, or other Internet-based products or services, in no way shall® or Terabyte Computers, Inc., its owners, officers, employees, and/or investors be responsible for content obtained by or delivered to your computer via the Internet. Such content may include, but is not limited to, viruses, sexually explicit material, racial slurs, spyware, or other material that may be destructive to the Client’s system(s) or considered offensive.
15.® requires all customers follow the requirements detailed at
16. We reserve the right to modify and/or terminate this agreement at any time without notice.
17. Use of any information posted to public or private forums, including, but not limited to, newsgroups, chat rooms, HTML-based discussion groups), as well as by e-mail by one or more of Terabyte Computers, Inc.'s owners, officers, employees, and/or investors (hereinafter known as "Terabyte") is at your own risk. Terabyte makes no warranties or guarantees - written, verbal, or implied - as to the appropriateness of this information for your particular needs nor do we guarantee or warranty that this information will correct any issue(s) you may be experiencing. Before making ANY changes to your system be sure you have a current, valid, and reliable backup of all affected systems. You agree not to hold Terabyte liable in such a case as this information causes loss of data or use of your computer(s). Use of this information is contingent on your acceptance of these terms. If you do not agree to these terms, delete or ignore the posting in its entirety.
18. Terms of this and any agreement between Terabyte Computers, Inc. and its clients are governed by the State of North Carolina in the United States of America. Disputes arising from any portion of this agreement shall be resolved in Watauga County, North Carolina, United States of America.  Should a North Carolina or US Court of Law find any individual portion of this agreement invalid, it shall not affect in any way the remainder of the agreement.


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