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  We cannot be any clearer here.  If you send us junk e-mail (we reserve the right to determine what is and is not junk e-mail) we will take every legal action to force you to stop.  That may include, but not limited to, reporting the e-mail to RBL lists such as Spamcop and the automation of reports to those lists if the problem continues.  We reserve the right to contact your ISP(s) directly and asking that they take action under their Terms of Service and any applicable Acceptable Use Policy,  which often includes termination of your account(s).  In the end, just don't do it.  Our Fraud & Abuse Department is happily prepared to fight spam with all due diligence.  Furthermore, as we have stated that we don't want UCE sending it to us is a violation of the United States' CAN SPAM Act of 2003 and Terabyte reserves the right to seek legal action under and and all appropriate State and Federal laws governing unsolicited e-mail.  Please note if your domain(s) listed in the junk e-mail contain inaccurate or fraudulent WhoIs information we will follow ICANN's procedures which will require that you update your WhoIs information or risk losing the domain per ICANN's policies regarding domain registration.

To reach us via phone Please call (828) 263-4263. We are available Monday-Friday, 8AM-5PM. Please note we do not take unsolicited sales calls.

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